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Roger Moss

Lydden 30/31 Aug 2008 A very enjoyable meeting in good weather and the bike went very well. There is a part of the track where a tight second gear corner is followed by a steep hill into a 180 degree bend. This hill really shows if you have horsepower and the Scott was on a par with the quickest 650 / 750cc Triumph / Norton twins and faster than the average. Unlike these fully sprung late twins however, the rigid Scott dances about a bit on entry to bumpy corners and it takes some time to overcome your fear, as the solution is to stand on the footrests, get off the brakes and open the throttle fully. This generally stops it hopping about so much, but you are hoping that the tyres hold on and you will not run out of track on the exit of the corner. I am no Paul Dobbs, but I did my best, enjoyed myself, had at least one 4th position and most important, these was a Scott on the track! The bike created the usual interest to SOC members and others who had fond recollections of Scotts. Sometimes such conversations can be the spur to future Scott ownership.. I am looking forward to the final VMCC races at Cadwell park on Sept 27 / 28 Kind Regards to all Roger