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Roger Moss

If I am storing ferrous finished items in my main store shed over winter, I spray them with a lanolin liquid using a cheapo Wilko sprayer. It has been made for years and is often known by the generic title Shell Ensis Liquid.
Almost all oil companies make an equivalent and it is effective and economical. A thicker grade is produced that is excellent for car body underside protection. Both can be brushed as well as sprayed.
There has been a lot of comment about studs corroding making head removal difficult. I agree, but I ask why remove the head anyway.
The barrels can easily be bored without removing the head, just like a blind barrel. By all means take care if you have to fit a head. Make sure the head is flat and pull the head fixings down a little at a time in correct sequence, then leave 24 hours and see how much the nuts have become loose. Finish tightening, run engine about 15 minutes on light load, let cool, re tighten then a decent run let cool and tighten again. Scott gaskets are thick and spongy. it is like seating the head on a matress. If you do not tighten progressively and evenly, you are in danger of bowing the head. They are not made of high strength alloy and must be treated with care. After fitting the head correctly, you can forget it and just treat it like a blind head block. I suspect that on many occasions heads are removed without that really being necessary. Roger