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Roger Moss

You are quite correct, lanolin is an excellent preservative. I have used it in solution in different strengths. Back in the dark ages Shell used to make a product called ENSIS and this became a generic term for a liquid about the consistency of diesel oil. You dipped your steel or iron piece in this, let it drain and it left a thin waxy film on the piece.
They then did a product ENSIS HD which was a dark brown liquid which left a thicker harder film. There are many variants but be assured that this type of product is commonly available. As our business is modest, I do not buy from the major oil companies now and use Millers Oils who are happy to sell smaller quantities over the counter. We should give a christening present of a 5 litre tin of such solution to infant boy children. By the time they are 60, they will start to appreciate the gift. Rust is indeed a problem and the first priority in my workshops and store sheds is to have dehumidifiers, even more important than heating. So picture the scene, the dehumidifier, and ex yacht red diesel heater on med / low setting and Roger in that most wonderful garment, the Dickies Redhawk padded (Insulated) overall (Boiler suit) worn straight over underwear! You can work down to almost freezing point without feeling cold if necessary.
These have kept me warm and cheerful for years and saved money on clothes.
Do I really have to ramble on like this? I suppose it is difficult to change your nature! Kind Regards to all Roger
P.S. I am not on commission for product placement advertising!