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Roger Moss

Hi Roger
On Ela Heck / Armin Fisher,s calendar there was a photo of a “HEC Special Scott by HEC motorcycles of Rosedale Avenue of Gipsy Lane Leicester.
I had never heard of them!
In 1967 I bought three Scotts in a week (rash boy!)
I bought the TT Replica UE 7373 now belonging to Ted Parkin from Albert Renolds in Liverpool.
I bought one, a 29 shortstroke flyer, from John Joiner (I think) somewhere near Blaby.
And finally, I bought a crippled 1950 model from Arbour Motors for £20.
Arbour motors were the Triumph dealers, perhaps on account of Owen Greenwood working there, as it was hardly the emporium of your dreams! They were well known for employing school children in their lunch hour and after school to help with simple jobs. The tale goes that one such child, high on enthusiasm but low on patience, was given the job to part a crankcase from a Vincent twin. The unfortunate boy took out all the bolts he could see, but missed one! He then resorted to the Arbour Motors tool of last resort—A 7lb lump hammer! In no time there was no need to take4 the case halves apart, as you got a good view of what was inside thru the great big hole he had punched in the cases!
I used to reflect on what they told the luckless owner!
It was cracked when we got it mate, perhaps!
God save us from enthusiasic amateurs!
Kind Regards