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Rod Norris

I do remember reading in the Yowl how 2 people had lived only a short distance away for many years and it was a pity they didn’t know about each other. I’m certain the request to hand out details is for perfectly honourable reasons but these days we don’t inform too many people when we will be on holiday etc. This got me thinking about how the 2 people who lived so close, had not met previously.

Many clubs have events where people go along who don’t have that type of bike but have an interest in the make or just a general interest in old bikes. As we only have 1 major event each year, that we tend to keep to ourselves then I believe this is really the problem. We don’t go overboard on advertising, other than to members and perhaps a few other select organisations. Perhaps we should all do a bit more to make ourselves known to a wider audience. Until I bought a Scott, I didn’t know anyone with one or even see one on the road. Maybe when we go to different events we should let others know that there will be a Scott presence. Then when we meet people we can decide whether we hand out our details or not, as is normal practice.
I have one bike that I have owned from new for 24 years and I have been all over Europe on it. If it was stolen, nothing could replace it, so I am protective over my details.

As regards the Harley, I just presumed the thieves couldn’t start it and that was why they broke it up in to parts. Now an Indian would be completely different.