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Mike Fennell

I haven’t checked this forum for about 2 months and it’s interesting how much stuff gets put on it. As it happens I have a special interest in Don F Avis and his lubrication system and can add a bit which will point you in the right direction if you want to read up on LoftyLube.

Firstly, you could look up Technicalities which has his original write-up of the system in 2 articles called “Pilgrims Progress” – 1965/6. If you don’t have hard copies then get the CD version. Lofty emigrated to Canada
in 1967 and rode his 1949 FS test-bed ( the Smokeless Special) for about
2 years which amounted to a 30,000 mile roadtest of LoftyLube. Thereafter
it was put into storage and did not see the light of day for many years. In 1986 he made a once only return trip to the motherland which seemed to re-ignite his interest and there followed a steady flow of anecdotes and technical commentary that delighted the membership right up to his passing around 1995/6. These later epistles contained interesting but fragmentary references to LoftyLube if you dig deep. You need access to old Yowls from ’86 to ’96. Also, I have published 3 articles called “LoftyLube Revisited” over the past 2 or 3 years which add some details of the system not previuosly available. I can email these to you
if you wish to contact me direct at michael@mfennell.fslife.co.uk

Mike Fennell