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David J Waring

I bought a luggage carrier from the spares scheme many years ago, but never used it and am intending to sell it.
I took it to a recent Abbotsholme Gathering, where Glyn Chambers recognised it as “one of his”.
It looks like the one in the lower photo in the earlier posting.
The main (vertical) leg is 14½inches tall (hole centre to top face of carrier) and 14 inches tall (hole centre to underside of cross tube).
The space between the flat faces of the bottom ends of the vertical legs is 8¼ inches.
Hole centre bottom of vertical leg to hole centre of the leg sloping forwards is 11 inches.
The tube sizes are half inch and one inch.
If this is of interest, send me an email – my email address is in Yowl under Section Information – North West Section