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Roger Moss

Hi. I got fed up of changing mag chains that had become so stiff that you had a job to bend them straight with your hand.
The Sprint Special drives its mag from the clutch drum and this is a much shorter run than from the crankshaft.
All I did was to replace the sprockets and chain with a timing belt and pulleys. To my memory, I did this in the late 70’s and I am still on the same belt. When I consider the cumulative cost of the mag chains I would have used and the reliability and reduction of chain thrash, then I am happy with something I did for myself. My approch to the Scott is that it must be constructed correctly from accurate parts. With the sole exception of the Long Stroke cranks, the basic design is quite hardy. There is only one way to success in anything and that is to know what you are doing and then do it thoroughly. I will openly acknowledge that to make or rebuild to limit gauge, is more expensive than some procedures that have been used where there was a lack of appropriate accurate machine tools available. I can also dismantle an engine and after measureing the components, clearly demonstrate the reasons for failure.
In my youth, we used to see the description used of “Motor Engineer”. My Uncle Owen Zanker of Loughborough was one. I want to see Scotts restored to the esteem that they deserve and will do my best to help wherever I can. Perhaps I should offer to host a meeting of the rebuilders, so we can consider where we can help each other in the best interest of Scott owners