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Roger Moss

There are more preferences for these subjects than there are fleas on a hedgehog, but these are my personal opinions and they have worked well for me.
I find the Scott cup and gland system perfectly ok if the lube is reliable.
The pilgrim is a bit marginal but OK if monitored and I recommend petroil for efficiency and safety.
The petroil on its own will not lube the main bearings and keep the seal wet. A dry seal will not least long.
If you are using a bronze washer for end float, then be sure there is room for the oil to find its way from the oil hole in the cup to the main bearings.
I use the same non return valves as George Silk used. They work, so why change?
If you use 1/8 BSP modern oil unions with clear plastic pipe you can see what is happenning to the oil. If you use a single feed pump like a Best and Lloyd or a Silk pump based on the B&L then you could have problems if one side pulls more strongly than the other. As a pump, the B&L is much better than the Pilgrim, but I am sure Scott soon stopped using them because of the difficulty in balancing the feed.
So, in short, if you have fitted synthetic seals, you MUST have a feed to the mains and seals. I use a simple dripper for this and petroil. Of course the best answer is just a better twin pump and with throttle controlled output. The Japs have done this with their usual efficiency and several folks have adapted them to Scotts. Then you do not need petroil.
We can do this if asked, but as nobody asks and we are busy, then we don’t shout about it.
Kind Regards