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Roger Moss

I did promise to make the conclusions of this meeting public. I posted an account, but a fellow attendee questioned my right to do so, without all other persons present having the opportunity to scrutinise and amend as they see fit. It was also pointed out that their recollection of proceedings did not completely tally with mine. In this case, I have withdrawn my posting, I apologise for any offence unintentionally caused and will not comment further on this matter.
Any statement can be issued by others after the due consultation processes have taken place.
Perhaps I have become too used to working with freedom of immediate decision and a zest to achieve results.
I do not find the constraints of working as part of a committee comfortable.
I shall tender my resignation from Spares Scheme Technical Committee but will continue to offer technical advice to the spares scheme on an informal basis at any time.
I must discipline myself to be more quiet and get on with making a living