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Rod Norris

You are crossing in to an area of the data protection act and for several reasons it is wise to avoid. I use a number of sites and message boards and it is surprising how you can find out about people. there is a program that is freely available that has all the electoral registers on it as well as the national phone book. It is available to anyone fairly cheaply.
So on this board I mention that I have a number of bikes and state i live in say Bristol. I type in your surname in that town and depending on the name would depend on how many results. i then type in your forename and we are soon down to a very few or perhaps just the one. Some weeks later you mention on the board you are off on holiday for a fortnight so won’t be making comments on the message board for a bit.
You return home to find your bikes have gone but your home is untouched. It is then easier to piece together what has happened. We don’t tend to think that way but for the criminals it is second nature. The power in a computer makes this task very easy and the ability to draw conclusions to be a very powerful tool.
With a post code you are withina an area of just a few houses. Whilst the pre-fix for the code may seem general, the last part allows others to taget you more specifically. Auto Route will pin point a post code or you can use several site on the internet that allow you to zoom in on a map.
I did it on a message board with some who did not believe this was possible and they were surprised when I could tell them their exact address.
There are a lot of visitors to sites who never leave a message and as usual its the minority who spoil it for us all. It is something to be considered when handing out other people information. For the criminals, we are leaving our electronic key under the mat to the front door.

I used the program to track down a mate who I knew had moved to mid Wales some years ago. My intentions were honourable and we have since met up and talked about old time together. Because of programs like this you now have the right to have your name removed from the electoral register that is made available to companies for a fee. Your name is there to be checked at elction time etc but companies can no longer purchase the full listing if you have asked for your name to be withdrawn.
I have no problem with people offering their names forward on a list but they must be aware of the possible consequences however small they may be. To some this will seem fanciful or even paranoid, but if you’ve been broken in to by professionals with hydraulic equipment, wanting to take all your bikes, then your view will be more likely to concur with mine.