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Rod Norris

Peoples knowledge on computers varies significantly and like most topics “I wished I knew then what I know now” is relevant to us all at some time or other. Offered knowledge I had gained so you could be aware of any implications so that if this issue comes to a vote then you have opportunity to gain information before voting. It’s at the heart of democracy.

There are programs set by companies to search the internet for comments made about them so they can monitor peoples views and if something libellous is stated they can take the appropriate action. This same program can be used to look on message boards by people who are not bikers or motorcyclists and will steal anything from anyone. Of course you don’t meet them at the owners clubs it’s not how they work.

Why you should adopt such a “holier than thou attitude” is incomprehensible. I offered other ways that people could meet up and at the same time increase the awareness of the club. You aren’t much of a neighbour if you don’t know the guy 2 doors away has a Scott in the garage. If you are not a member of the New Imperial Club and hold a position then they may well be in breach of the data protection act if the information is held on computer.

I will join any club I like and do not need your permission. You can offer your vote to hand out your information but not mine.

Next time just realise that people can have a different view without resorting to rudeness and showing your ignorance.