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Rod Norris

Debate is good and there is so much that we agree on, we should not concentrate on one small point of difference. I hope you get to meet more Scott owners and Rodger & Gill are indeed nice people. Your offer is a generous one and I thank you for it.
I will try to be more open like yourself but I think we tend to reflect our experiences. It took me 3 days to repair my garage after professionals came last time with hydraulic equipment and in breaking the steel lined doors open actually moved a double garage about 9 inches. My modern bikes are ground anchored to the concrete floor and I cannot obtain insurance without Thatcham approved locks & anchors etc. It is also has the house alarm extended to cover the garage as well. They managed to steal my wife’s bike which she bought new in 1983. My Hayabusa had £300 of damage as they tried to rip it away from the anchor. I got my wife’s bike back with considerable damage, luckily they had been disturbed or they could have manged to take the lot (Scott, Triumph TR6S/S, Ariel Huntmaster, Ariel Leader, Kawasaki Z1300 & BMWR100RT).
Paranoid? probably a little. But just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not after me does it? 😆
Enjoy your Scott’s.