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richard tann

Hello Steve

I guess I am the best person to reply to your enquiry, as I am the Membership Secretary.

I am assuming that you are Stephen D. If so, you dated your cheque 29/05/2005, and I received it on 01/06/2005. I welcome you to the Scott Owners Club, and admire your enthusiasm to join up without any delay.

However, you do have to take into account that the Club is not a commercial organisation, and relies on volunteers to undertake administrative duties in their precious spare time. For my own part, I am a director of a medium sized company, and have a family, house and garden to consider, and a social life. Club officials like to ride their bikes too ! This (long) weekend I have been in Mid Wales escorting an 86 year old ISDT enthusiast, retracing the routes of the trials of yesteryear. Incidentally, he is still riding, his home brewed BSA B15/Greeves special, to great effect. With 70 years experience, he didn’t fall off. I did !

In these circumstances I trust you will excuse a few days delay, and I hope to post you membership details this week.

Kind regards

Richard Tann
Membership Secretary
Scott Owners Club