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richard tann


No problem. These photocopies came from Les Scott from the time when he was Magazine Distributor. They are not sharp copies, but if they are useful to anyone let me know and I will pass a copy on.

1 Exploded view of cranks, flywheel, crankcase, gearbox and clutch.
titled “Scott Display Sheet”

2 Exploded view of Scott three speed gearbox (postwar).

3 Half sectional side and end elevation of two speed gear, with part nos
and parts list.

4 Exploded view of Scott clutch (pre and post war).

5 Side view of a late two speed Squirrel.

6 Advert from “The Motor Cycle” dated July 25th 1929 showing 300cc
Squirrel, Super S, and Flying S.

7 Lucas wiring diagram W94421 for 596 Flying S with dynamo and coil ignition.

8 Miller wiring diagram for machine with AC60 generator.


Richard Tann