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Roger Moss

Hi Trevor
Good luck in your search!
I did not design this site, but Paul Wilson certainly designed it in good faith. I think the previous board was more simple as you did not have the formalities of registering. We had problems from this as folks with some lack of nobility of spirit could put on malicious posting and hide behind names such as Osama Bin Laden etc. In order to prevent this, we had to introduce the registration system. Getting things simple is the most difficult part. If you could tell exactly what your problem was, or even better, to tell in laymans words how to do it, now you have found out, then I am sure Paul would consider it carefully.
While we are on the subject, if you are interested to visit my website (address at bottom), perhaps you might give me any suggestions to make it more user friendly. Although I try (try!!) to make a living from Scott engineering, the main motive of the website is to pass on news and technical information. I would really like to write a complete technical manual of three speed Scotts as far as I know and put it on the message board for everbody, — but I need to do jobs to put bread on the table and fund the racing programme, so as to show folks that Scotts can be real fun!
I always talk too much!
Kind Regards