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The Miller dist. really is Micky Mouse engineering and VERY difficult to find spares for. I would go for the Lucas DKX2A every time as parts are available if you know where to look. Most of the internals are common to the 4- cylinder version fitted to many cars before the war notably the Ford Model Y Tudor, so lots of car electrical people can help. The specifically 2 cylinder bits such as the cap were also used by Royal Enfield on their 500 twin in the early 50’s, and by Sunbeam on the S7 and S8. Shaft-drive Sunbeam specialists such as STEWART ENGINEERING carry a full range of bits for them. My Brum Scott WDO408L made in 1971, and registered in 1972 had a different Lucas dist. of the type fitted to coil ignition Triumphs of the 1960’s, and it went very well on it. It was also a much neater and slimmer job than the DKX2A. Hope this is of some help. Regards, B.M.