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Stan Thomas

Hi Derek,

I heard your Scott from Penkridge, so check if there is any stuffing left in the Burgess.

Now, miss-fires! Usually given youve set everything up properly these are probably due to “point float” caused by a worn distributor. Miller distributors were worse than Lucas for wearing, so thats your first port of call.

If EVERTHING is O.K. put a voltmeter across the battery at about 2500/3000 revs – it should not be more than 7 volts (dependant upon temperature). If the rectifier is going down, the voltage might be higher, and suprise suprise, supplying too many volts to the primary of the coil will cause a misss-fire.

Alternatively, ride the bike until the miss-fire occurs then switch on the headlight, if it “cures” the miss-fire, you may have the problem referred to. I’ve sorted the same problem on two Brum Scotts.