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Ted Robinson

Do you think it is wise making comments like this on the internet for all to see, or very smart. These people have been in the business a long time and can tell if a machine is well maintained. They know these bikes are well loved and quite valuable and only an idiot would ride them in an unroadworthy condition. I thought my MOT. man was a bit easy going but when I took my Bantam a few years ago he was chatting while walking around the bike visually checking it, suddenly he disappeared out the back and came back with a socket spanner and said the bolts are loose on the back sprocket tighten them up and when you get home put some lock tight on them. Even though I had given the bike what I thought was a good check before I went, I had missed this but he did’nt.
A short time later I took my Matchless and half way through the test an inspector from VOSA turned up unannounced, my MOT man said to him you are supposed to give 24hrs. notice before you come, the reply was, I will go away if you like but you won’t like it if I do.
The test was carried out with the inspector watching and also rechecking some of the items and it passed. I was told if he had missed anything on the test the inspector would have awarded points against him, if it was a serious fault he would have had his licence withdrawn. Two motorcycle MOT. stations in Coventry had allready been closed down and lost their livelihood.