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Roger Moss

Our local favourite was known as “Blind Pugh”
Another “Character who I phoned to ask for an appointment asked “Will it get here?”
I said “Definitely”
He replied “Then why are you wanting to waste my time, I will put one in the post”
Both characters since recalled by the grim reaper.
Possibly he had some MOT work for them!
Trouble with MOT is that you do not have time to bed in new brake linings.
If the spokes go on to the brake drum, it often becomes oval and / or tapered
Always better to skim the drum after re spoking in this case.
Linings should to turned to be about 0.010” smaller than the drum and true to the centreline
Install brake backplate and lining assembly with wheel spindle loose
Squeese on brake fairly hard to centralise backplate.
Do up wheel spindle whilst brake is squeezed on firmly.
You may need your wife to help
Remember lots of praise and thanks!
Flowers — That’s going a bit far!
Tell us how you got on