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Steven Enticott

The CD project

After a couple of years I have slowly run out of gumption on the project, not a money thing as I did CD’s for free anyway to help others out. As the stock supply has run dry having sent hundreds of CD’s out all over the world (which has been quite demanding at times), the requests for CD’s has slowed in recent times. I have made the decision along with Bill Jamieson the original compiler’s support to stop creating the CD and actually create a website where people can download the whole CD (33meg) or each chapter/sub-section of the book one at a time – or just simply view it all on-line.

I think this outcome is the way forward and will allow additions to Technicalities such as the eNewsletter etc or any other documents people send, incidently this was always Bill’s intention.

So bear with me, I will let you all know when site is up (work in process at the moment – about a month) and will walk anyone through any technical issues you may have downloading.

Steven Enticott