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Roger Moss

I had decided to keep quiet about this one, as I certainly do not want to suggest any criticism of the original builders. The buyer wants to be able to use it regularly on the road zestfully and has basically asked that the special TT parts such as rear set footpegs be changed for TT Replica type, a kickstart fitted and the whole thing race prepared to the highest operational standard. The new owner’s last two wheeler was a moped as a teenager and is yet to get a bike license. I have no doubt he will get one, as he is a particularly determined and intelligent man. You do not afford to buy a bike that strikes your fancy for £20700 if you have not first had the attributes to be able to earn the money to indulge such fancies. Never underestimate a rich man. I was asked to carry out this work, but have a high workload, so agreed with Eddie Shermer that he would do the transmission and rolling chassis and I would blueprint the engine. Apart from the non permanent changes that are necessary to enable a comparative novice to cope with a hand change rigid sports bike, the other work as instructed by the new owner, is to make it into a rideable bike in which the inner mechanical beauty is on a par with the most stunning cosmetic presentation which is a credit to Brian Marshall.