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Roger Moss

Sept 6th 2004
I received an email from an overseas member who says that he has access to all the facilities to put Yowl and Technicalities on CD ROM with full search facilities. Because of the work involved, he advised that it could either be done by a group, or failing that, he could get it done, but the person doing the scanning etc, would have to be paid.
I have contacted Steve Bowles to ask if I could borrow his full set of Yowl’s for this project and when I have defined exactly the extent of the work, will get a quote.
I discussed this with Martin Hodkin at the rally. Martin considered that as the majority of the membership and management are elderly and do not wish to embrace either computors or the internet, then it would be unreasonable to spend any significant amount from club funds on a project that would benefit only a minority. I privately considered that a motion had been passed at AGM to fund this without a cost limit being specified. However, in view of Martin’s views, I have suggested that if, when a cost is established, it is considered inappropriate by the majority of the management comittee, then another course is possible.
This course would be for me to see if I could fund this as a commercial venture, in which I must recoup my outlay in the medium term without ripping folks off! I realise that I could become unpopular with some members if this was done, but at least the project could be brought to fruition. I told Martin that if this was the only way, then I would require all relevant permission and approvals.
I must frequently remind myself to be patient as a club does not operate like a commercial company