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Roger Moss

Hi Trevor
I take it your dad has made a new will!
It’s a hard old life at times!
First check with the spares scheme
Next Ad in Yowl, unless something comes up from this message board.
There is one obvious fact that anyone wanting spares should take into account. This message board is used by those who are IT literate.
The older members of the SOC are thus less likely to use this board.
Hence those who have been in the club longest and perhaps have garnered a horde of spares when they were more plentiful and cheap, are less likely to see your plea.
You could also try Bob Trickett and see if he has anything— see his postings.
Barrels are getting a little difficult and will get more so. But the gulf in price between a second hand specimen and the limited batch production cost means that production of new barrels is a long way off!
Good luck friend and I hope your dad forgives you.
Kindest Regards
Roger Moss
ps As absolute last resort I have all pattens and ability to make them.
Nothing is impossible,— only unaffordable!