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Roger Moss

Hi Roger H
I used to use industrial paint and used Trimite
I can not leave it here, no matter how much I want to get on with earning some much needed cash, so

I was one of the early users of two pack polyurethane paint, and as I explained, it gives a very good result.
After about 6 months, our main sprayer got asthma type symptoms immediately he got the slightest sniff of this paint.
I told Trimite they had a problem, but they denied it.
I did tests and called in HSE and proved that you can get sensitised to this paint, after that, a whiff and you struggle.
I set up air breathing masks like a diver.
The HSE wrote directives for industry based on my guidance notes.
So, it is good and you are not going to spray much, but leave the garage door open.
About a year later I was about 60 miles south of Calais and went into a garage. The owner showed me his brand new spray booth and filter mask headset. He told me that he had been spraying 30 years, but now he had bad asthma every time he tried to spray.
I told him that he had started to use 2 pack polyurethane paints (which contain isocyanates) about 6 months ago. He was shocked, how could I know? I explained and told him that his new spray booth and mask would not protect him. His mask was to filter out particles not gas and the free isocynates were in the form of a gas. He was a good man, so I sent him an air breathing mask FOC from the UK. He told me that the French HSE had no knowledge of this problem at that time.
An air breathing mask is like a welding flip up mask but with an air feed from the compressor via a good filter so you breathe air from a remote place. Reading all this, maybe I was wrong to suggest this paint. It is good but you need to use it with care to consider your health. The bit about the porous base coats is valid.
If you are buying a compressor, it might be of modest size. Do be sure to get a spray gun that is a low air type suitable for the output of the compressor. If the gun is too big, the compressor will work very hard and become hot. When it gets hot, then moisture tends to go through as a vapour and condense when you spray. Spraying a mixture of paint and water is undesirable.
I have not been
I suggest you look up the phone numbers of a few local car respray garages and ask what they use and where is the local supplier.
If you ask for help, they should respond positively.
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