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Roger Moss

Hi Roger H
Paul looked at the rims on my bike that had been “powder coated” some years back. Due to the use of tyre levers to change tyres, which is very frequent and expensive the way Paul rides, the “powder coating was extensively chipped.
As the coating was thick, this left sharp edges of this brittle coating.
Paul noted that he had known this cause punctures.
I looked at it and decided he had a fair point.
For racing, if I have unplated rims, I would in future get them phosphated only.
For a presentable road bike, then two pack polyeurathane done in a commercial spray shop with correct safety gear is good, otherwise there is very little better than the traditional coach paint that can be hot sprayed or brushed.
I am not really a paint specialist, but did run a spray shop as part of our old machine tool factory production.
Happy Christmas and Kindest Regards to all.