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Roger Moss

Hi Ted I have heard of this process but never used it. For anti corrosion I send to a local company who do blackodising and also phosphate treatment
I blast cleaned the webb fork blades plus fittings and had them phosphated which is a dull black finish.
It must be ten years since I had them done and not a spot of rust.
Given the time it takes to do a reasonable paint job, I now blast clean the flywheels after I have fitted new sprickets etc and have them phosphated. They look very smart and its cheaper than painting.
Company is
SPL Blacking
420 Thurmaston Boulevard
Leicester LE4 9LE

0116 223 6100

I do not think they are used to handling and repacking Work by post but if you needed I could handle that. Kind Regards Roger
ps I must try the resistance idea