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Roger Moss

I told you I thought twice about making comment!
I think I should keep my big mouth shut, but as you have all found out by now, I never manage it!
First Stan, your method of producing a bush is OK in theory, — but–
1) The bore in the rod (parent metal) will be stretched oval about two thou in long axis.
2) I have seen many later rods where the finish in the LE rod bore looked like it had been done by a drunk with a brace and bit. ie terribly scoured and tapered, so the area in contact with the bronze bush was 20% at most. Shipley ones vary, but on balence are acceptable as regards finish.
3) You have taken no account of the axis of the bore in the rod. If you make the bush to finished size and push it in, all you will do is accept whatever alignment is there already. Perhaps turn up a piece of bar to suit the rod LE bore and check that for alignment.
You might be lucky —
Do you have a myford or similar that you could use to set up the rods and skim out the LE bore true and round first, then make a bush like Stan says to suit?
Perhaps you will let us all know how you get on and how it runs.
I for one would be very interested in final alignment figures.
Pity you dont live nearer as it only takes ten minutes to inspect.