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al perry

hi mark;
the gerry howard dripper conversion is: a pilgrem pump modified into a dripper, with no moving parts, the beauty of it is, it looks stock and can be
set with the engine not running at all ( with line disconected) it works by gravity, although some crankcase suction occurs and the motor tends to suck oil as it needs it, as far as how many drips per minute, each engine is a little different with a 50 ;1 mix in the tank, my engine works well with one large drip about each 10 seconds ( on each side) very little smoke, a few more drips per minute are ok, as long as you dont over oil, you can judge by the exhaust smoke, and how your engine “picks up” too much oil
and the fuel octane is affected and poor “pick up” and four stoking occur
i would think that 20 drips per minute would be too much, but if your engine is happy, it must be ok!