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al perry

in order to use petroil as your primary oil supply , your engine must be modified for it use, this involves some lower end modifications, cross over pipes etc. more learned members can elaboate! however if your pilgrem pump is functioning , you can set it to about 6 drips per minute with 30 or 40 weight oil ( most modern 2 stroke oil is to thin to work reliably in a pilgrem) and include a light 50 :1 twostroke oil mix in your petrol this acts as a “belt and braces” and upper cylinder lube.
my best suggestion is to have your pump converted to a dripper (gerry Howard) and use two stroke oil through it for the mains, and a light mix in the petrol, however use oil sparingly as two much oil lowers the octane of the fuel to where poor perfomance can result
almost any gas (petrol) is fine!