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Is is a bit of a long shot as we say – but since nobody else has mentioned it I will add my bit to the debate. Apart from my Scott I have two other machines with Pilgrim pumps in my garage – both speedway bikes: a JAP and a Cole. When I was messing around with spedway I also had a Czech made JAWA (the early ones were known as ESO which is Czech for ACE). The Czech bikes had a very similar type of pump as has been pointed out earlier. In those days (say about 6 years ago) I got all my bits from a very helpful ex rider called Alan Belham who ran a business near Kings Lynn in the UK called Speedway Service.
I don’t know if Alan still owns the company, but they still advertise JAP and JAWA spares (plus Weslake – who also used Pilgrim type pumps). They should at least know if you can fit the later Czech type pump.
You can contact them on UK number : 01553 829197, sorry I don’t know the code from you. Worth a try, Good Luck>