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Roger Moss

Richard’s bike was built originally by me in 1970 then robbed of bits to build Mk2. Richard has recently replaced the robbed bits and rebuilt the original bike. The bike was built from spares I had from George Silk and was a copy of the single downtube racer George had at that time.
His bike had, what I considered, a very attractive nickel plated tank. I was told that this was an optional extra to replace the biscuit barrel separate tanks. The tank was made from sections that were soldered together and was niclel plated. I took this to Ray Pettit who made me a replica in welded up steel, which I then had plated. Ray is a very gifted artist in metal and I feel priviliged that he made this tank for me. Unfortunately, Ray has retired and no longer does this kind of work.
Finding true craftsmen like this becomes more difficult year by year.