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Roger Moss

I tend to give plenty of good oil to my engines. The only disadvantage is that when they are left standing for a period, which for me is more than one day, I always drain down the wells before trying to start the engine.
When they are left standing, much of the oil that is left on the internal faces, drains down to the wells. When you try and start the engine, this heavy oil residue is lashed up into the combustion chamber and can easily oil up the plug. Most oiled up plugs are caused by not draining the wells before trying to start the engine. You have to have a considerable excess of oil delivery during running to stop the engine through over oiling. As for cleaning, I just spray the plug with ether (Easy Start) as this not only clears away the oil, but if you replace the plug while it is still wet, the ether fumes help start the engine.
So my advice is,– drain wells before you try starting if you want to save much kicking or pushing.
Kind Regards