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richard tann


Thanks for your help on this topic. With the greatest respect, the suggestions are “tweeks”, as opposed to getting to the root cause of the difficulty. My other bike starts easily, even after months of neglect. Old fuel, old magneto, a couple of kicks and it goes. Living in an urban area, I like using synthetic oil, as not many of my neighbours are enthusiasts.

For the beginner, “The Book of The Scott” is worth a look on this topic. Last night, armed with said book, enthusiasm generated from the forum, and a gallon of Homebase paraffin I set about conducting the crankcase test. I got paraffin everywhere, in my left shoe, all over the patio. I got a look of incredulity from Lynda that only a wife of 30 years standing can muster. However, it is a worthwhile exercise. In my case, a steady drip from the bottom on the flywheel, slight weep from the doors, and a gush from the joint between the exhaust pipe and the barrel confirms my suspicions. I need expert help.

For those of us so blessed, has anyone considered the effect that faulty Half Compression Valves would have on starting ?

Anyway, no more views from me as I am now on jankers, with a bucket of hot soapy water and a scrubbing brush !

Richard Tann