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Roger Moss

When I see the output figures claimed for the various Scott models by the factory and contemporary press, please excuse me if I find it difficult to reconcile these claims with what I have personally seen on test and ridden in competition. Before full dyno testing, I was warned that I might be disappointed by lower output figures than I had hoped for, as great pains had been taken in the pursuit of accuracy. My opinions are based relative to the results of several such dyno sessions.
An example from this dyno was that a well tuned late Velo 350 KTT racer would make 32 bhp. My bike made 35.4, but with a very flat power curve and very high torque from low revs. I would not usually rev to 5500 as it is not helpful, you just change gear instead. I realise that 35.4 bhp does not sound much, but then that is what the machine indicated.
I taxed my racer for the road so I could demonstrate in fact not fancy.
For roadster engines, out first priority is durability. After this we do not really tune engines in the normal sense, but just help them to breathe more deeply. To quote an old saying, “Are we comparing apples with apples?”
Very Kind and Respectful Regards