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Roger Moss

Our fellow member Brian Cleveland reminded me that “Bruce Main Smith” do a considerable range of photocopies of all bikes including Cyc Auto. These can be viewed on their website at https://www.brucemainsmith.com/frames.html
Cyc Auto were bought out by Scott and the Deluxe versions had an engine designed and built by Scott. These we know as “The Scott Cyc Auto” but on the BMS website they are listed under “Cyc Auto”
I had an enquiry about a year ago from a person in IOM who had found a Scott Cyc Auto and wanted info. I copied out all the info I could find and sent it. Unfortunately, I can not find a copy, so have sent an email to that person to see if he still has it on file. Perhaps I should ask Annice at VMCC headquarters if the Scott technical archives they have has anything on Cyc Auto. For now, I ask if Elena and Juan Felix Cid, could kindly contact the person in Argentina and tell him that I am trying to find some historical info to send him and tell him about the Bruce Main Smith information.
My guess is that he would need to give you the info on his bike and you would have to find which document he could buy that is appropriate.
I know the problem, I have a history of the MM motorcycles, beautiful book, but all in Italian. Good job it has pictures!
I copy the full original enquiry in case Elena and Juan Felix Cid can help
From Alejandro Bostico
22 July 2007 18:40
To steven@enticott.com.au
Subject info scott cyc
Message necesitaria información sobre un bicicleta con motor scott cyc de 98 cc (fotos,manuales, datos tecnicos) si ud. podria enviarme algo le agradeceria eternamente
de córdoba argentina

As time has passed since he contacted Steve, it would be good to tell him that he has not been forgotton.

If there is further contact, please give info on this message board so we can see if we have been able to help.
Helping non UK owners was one of my motivations to create the Moss Website, although we have done little lately to develop it.
It’s good to help others!
Kindest Regards to all