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Roger Moss

The SOC is no longer a local UK club.
If we are to operate as a world wide club, we need to take steps to ensure that none UK members can be kept informed and have their wishes properly taken into account when changes are considered.
Can I suggest that our management needs to have some proof that changes are called for by none UK members.
I suggest that anyone who wishes proxy or postal voting, should send a notification. As neither our chairman, Martin Hodkin, nor our acting secretary Andrew Marfell have a computor, I suggest that you send emails to our membership secretary Richard Tann at
or by post to
Richard Tann. SOC Memb. Sec.
88 Deacons Hill Road
Herts. WD6 3JQ

Richard is on the management comittee and is fully committed to making our club more “user friendly”

Please tell any friends in your locality who do not have internet facilities, in case they also wish to be more included. Perhaps you could send on their behalf.
Kind Regards
Roger Moss