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Rod Norris

You have shown a very logical set of reasons where there are problems with proxy voting. But there are several ways that you can have proxy voting. You can give permission for someone to vote on your behalf as happens at shareholders meetings on all issues or just specific ones.
Something needs to be done so that the membership from abroad does not feel excluded. Something that includes those who cannot make it on that one day due to a funeral or wedding etc.
Generally, those who are interested will find the will to attend, but our membership is spread far and wide and the cost and desire to travel from abroad is prohibitive.
So it may come to pass that on occasions that proxy votes fall due to an ammendment. Then so be it. But on other occasions, there could be a straight vote, as it was for the vote for the chairman, this year. We must create a situation where all members can feel a part of the democratic process of their own club.
There will always be those who will abuse a system & unfortunately. there will always be those who resort to dishonest whispering campaigns. I blame those that listen to them. There is no perfect voting system, we all have to do our best to ensure that everyone has an equal say.