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Richard Moss

I wont do the whole Story here because i should do a proper write up…

Sunday at Mallory park proved that i could really get this bike to go… The twin carbs, new head and barrel made the thing pull like a train… I felt like i’d really got something good going on!
so much in fact
that I was just about to peel into Edwinas (a chicane) on only the second lap of the first race and the Engine literally exploded.

The results of the ‘Race Engine to concrete mixer’ moment were so impressive that people were crowding around taking photos for the rest of the day!

The bit they especially liked was when you turned the rear wheel in gear and the barrel moved up and down.

I knew the crankcase had a couple of minor cracks in one of the mouths after the considerable amount of welding it had received in repairing it (originally one of Rogers 1970’s racing cases) but i figured it would be ok!
It also transpired that the sections were uneven in thinkness and that the Aluminium casting itself was not so good..

have a look at some ‘before and afters’ i quickly posted


Although its a lot of wasted work.. I know the engine worked well and i think it just needs a good strong case and a bit of sorting to be competitive (whether i am is another matter!)
so in fact i wasn’t as depressed as you might expect…

definitely one for our ‘failed racing component hall of fame’

I am taking on Rogers own racing case as he is making a new one for his racer. Of course it needs work! .. but its a great case and should hang together.

by hook or by crook we will make it to Oulton next month!

thanks to all those who have leant their support