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Roger Moss

Hi, I presume your name is Arran, so send greetings.
First let me congratulate you on your ambition. This is for two reasons. The first is that as long as you have the nature to enjoy the contest for its own sake and be patient in seeking glory, then you will enjoy it hugely.
The second aspect is that we need Scotts, not only to be seen, but to inspire prospective new owners to consider buying one.
John Underhill has produced several books on Scotts that will forever stand as the definitive works on models and Scott history.
In one book, there is a photo of a group of about twenty Scott riders who had visited Tom Ward, an outstanding Scott engineer, about forty years ago. The Scott riders were all young men. It might be difficult to find so many young man now in the whole club. Your visible participation would be very welcome! Preparing a bike for racing is like preparing a good road bike only more so. You need good tyres and good ground clearence. After that, good brakes, responsive engine and adequate gearbox and clutch. I have been racing Scotts since 1970 and have learned a little in doing it. There are several others who raced Scotts for years before they retired.. If I knew the area where you are located, then perhaps there is someone near you who could give good advice. You are welcome to call us on 01664 840215 if you have queries and we will try to assist. Enquiries are often better when a photo is sent to clarify the problem. If you find yourself near Leicester, please know that you are welcome to call and we could point out a few salient points.
I suggest that you keep an eye on the internet to see when the Beezumph is on at Cadwell Park. This is basically a track day put on by the Trident and Rocket three owners club and they welcome Scotts.
They are usually featured in the magazines so another possibility for publicity for Scotts. Richard my son also has a Scott racer and we both send our Kindest Regards and Best wishes