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Roger Moss

The one main item that I could not keep original on my old TT rep was the radiator. I made and changed one at a time, 500 tubes and I never caught up with the leaks. In those days it was not possible to have radiator casings in “German Silver” so they were in brass and plated. The pickling process prior to plating to electro chemically clean the faces for the plating to bond, actually reduces the future life of the core. This is the big attraction of radiators with casings in German Silver, they do not have to be plated. I got a radiator made as a faithful copy and just left the brass casing as it was. A few minutes with some Solvol Autosol and it shone like gold. Of course my main concern was mechanical beauty and it was a great bike to ride. Your project looks really nice and should bring you lots of pleasure when done. Best of luck Roger