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Originality. showroom finish and serviceable use are individual choices. Bikes do become the focus from its owner,value being only one aspect. Mine was a 1929 sidecar sand racer with a long seat and rear wheel guarding. I removed most of that but kept as much of the previous owners work as practical. We all like to think our treasures have increasing monetary value but they are for use, and whilst I bought mine for my 79th birthday and mileage will not be great. Its on the road and running. The club forum and details available on the website are very good ( sometimes a bit conflicting) and because of my interest my two sons now have Scott’s. The Forum has excellent past information but is a bit underused since the club has 600 or more members. Most of us will have other makes of motorcycle ( or cyclemotors ) and hardware ,components and methods of repair are common. Long way round to say the tool box lid looks good !