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It has a long rear brake torque arm, Web forks and I assume it was a tourer with a white paneled tank. It was a sidecar sand racer and did have a castrol sign bent over the rear wheel. Previous owner had done good work but the gearbox had no kick start and instead of a bush taking the square drive there is a ball race and a short shaft not protruding out of the cover. I have removed the racing seat which extended well over the rear wheel. ( I kept all the bits) It is a re registered one and was confirmed as a 1929 , I believe it appeared not too long ago on the club stand at Stafford. I am learning a lot about Scotts but model types escape me. It has white painted brake plates and torque arm which I have retained. Normally I play with cyclemotor’s of which I have some 12 or so including a twin cylinder cyclemaster. The front brake had about 1 mm drum ovality which I machined out. Its a new experience as Nortons are the other family interests. So far it is quite an experience!