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I have the file that Chris Odling amassed, and it has nothing that I didn’t already know, being mostly a lot of photographs taken in the Brooklands Museum, of the ex-David Lawrence 29 TT bike before it was sold off to Argentina. I bought the bike from Paul d’Orleans, an American well known as “The Vintagent”, and he had bought it at Beaulieu in 2003 from Yorkshire autojumbler David Earnshaw, who had bought it from Derrick Shire’s widow very soon after Derrick’s death. Paul d’Orleans had commissioned Sunbeam specialist Chris Odling to restore it, but very little work was done in several years, apart from powder coating of the frame, purchase of a pair of Moss-Waye cranks, and a rebore to tolerances that were far too tight for a Scott but perhaps fine for a vintage Sunbeam.
There was nothing in the Odling file to throw any light on frame or engine numbers that might link them with race numbers, and that is the information I am short of.