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I see that you are after a machine that another member has already asked me about. If you are new to Scotts you could end up being disappointed with your purchase as it is VERY non-standard. For instance the tank, front wheel, mudguards, stays, handlebars, levers, etc., etc.,are all wrong for the year, and the engine is earlier than 1929, being a straight-back crankcase job from 1927 or 1928. The exhaust system is also all wrong, and much later than the 1929 dating. It should have a transverse front “coffeepot” expansion chamber, with a pipe back to a Howarth silencer. The plastic pipes are a minor detail, but all in all it is very expensive for what it is.
The big problem is of course the lack of Scotts for sale, especially bikes that are not “bitsas”. Don’t rush headlong into buying a bike. It would be much better to bide your time and find something nicer at that kind of money.
Good luck with your quest!
Brian Marshall