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Hi all,

OK, it’s very non-original and that tank is borderline ugly, it should have the slim tank which though short on capacity is far better looking.

There is something about this bike that screams ‘walk away’ and that is the ‘1929 registered’ which warns me that it has had it’s registration number pinched and an age related put in it’s place.

Beware registration marks;
EL Void numbers 1000-1500 used for pre-1930 vehicles 1974
DS 6574 upwards
SL 9737 upwards
BS 8000 upwards
SV 4001 upwards
BF all of them! Unissued series, handful issued 1903 then cancelled.

If you are buying a bike make sure that the reg number is original and that the old RF60/VE60 logbook (the folding cardboard ones) is with it, this is your proof it is authentic and less likely to be built of of whatever was laying around at the time.

ALL of my bikes have their original numbers or I would not have bought them and three have their original logbooks. The history aspect is something to consider when buying any old vehicle making it more desireable the more history there is.