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Unfortunately motorcycle manufacturers tended to either copy each other or do things for visual effect, I believe that Scotts produced the twin sided brake in the same manner as explorers offered glass beads to the natives, or to trick another motorcyclist into buying their product. The fact remains that all brakeplates with the cam at the bottom should have the lever facing forward, just because Scotts fitted them facing backwards doesn`t mean that they knew what they were doing! The edge of the cam nearest the spindle will lift its brake shoe further than the other shoe will be lifted by its cam which is further away from the spindle, so it is most important to make sure that the brake shoe being lifted the most is the leading shoe and not the trailing shoe this can only happen if the brake lever is facing forward.While you can swap around brakeplates please do not swap the wheel around the threaded bearing retainer must always remain on the correct side. Alan Noakes, scottworkshop@hotmail.co.uk