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Hanging from a hook in my workshop I have an item from that late 1940’s era that you almost never see these days. It is an air filter on a little cast alloy inlet, curved so that the pan of the filter body sits vertically when installed. You can see them in some, but not all works photos. It is amazing how much quieter a Flyer is with one fitted, as it kills all that induction roar that you get above about half-throttle. I also have another fitting rarely seen on the post-war Flyers, which is a chain-oiler tank, in triangular shape, with rounded corners, that clamps onto the left-hand side centre chain-stay of the frame. A long time ago I saw an accessories leaflet that listed both items, but how many were sold later, or fitted from new, I don’t know, and finding out the latter would need further study of the dispatch books. (The tank is unlike the 1939 Clubman Special fitting, being smaller, and opposite handed ).