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If you look at all the other bikes, trikes, tractors, etc., that he is listing, every item has a totally different background in the photos, from round the back of some council houses to smart drives and gardens, farmyards, and open fields. Some of the descriptions have atrocious spelling, whilst others are OK. The vendor has no eBay track record either, having been a member since June 19th 2014. I get the feeling that he has somehow collated a lot of other people’s listings, added cheap prices, and is now hoping for the money to come rolling in…. Somebody tell me I am wrong !! The old saying “If it looks too good to be true it probably is” seems to fit the bill here ! In one of the trike descriptions he mentions having had some paintwork done by a LOCAL custom paintwork guy, and he names him. The paint guy has his own website, and is based in Arbroath, Scotland, so maybe that is where all the action is ?