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Paul W

Hi Trevor,

thanks for the feedback on the site and, in particular regarding the forum (as that’s the relatively complicated bit !). The Forum software is ‘as supplied’ so I cannot actually take credit (or otherwise) for having designed it. I agree that the forum is more complicated than the previous one but it does offer some degree of protection from misuse which is why it has been put in place. However, if it’s any consolation, I have disabled most of the features in search of reasonable simplicity (believe me it can get much more complicated than the present configuration – and therefore even more confusing to users of all ages) and if I can do more to improve things I will endeavour to do so. Please email me if you (or others) have any particular problems and I will try and assist – you can email me at webmaster@scottownersclub.org.

On the subject of DPY barrels I managed to source a set through the club spares scheme (many thanks to Gill Swan) in response to an advert in ‘Yowl’ earlier this year. If you could get an advert in before the end of October it should make it into the December edition.

Good luck with your search (I suppose the barrels are too difficult to re-sleeve ?)



PS. FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions